Alliance Group is committed to the sustainable management of the natural and physical resources we depend on.

New Zealand’s natural environment, climate and ecosystems are the bedrock of our business and the key to our exceptional product quality. We work hard to maintain these conditions, and take all practicable steps to:                                                                                                                   

  • Meet or exceed internal and key stakeholder expectations and relevant regulatory requirements
  • Continually improve environmental performance by identifying and measuring impacts, developing clear objectives and meaningful targets, and measuring progress with effective monitoring
  • Optimise the use of all resources including energy, water, packaging and chemicals to minimise the wastes produced and the overall impact of our operations
  • Annually review the adequacy of the environmental management programme and progress towards achieving environmental objectives and targets
  • Communicate regularly on environmental matters with stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and regulatory bodies
  • Allocate appropriate resources to enable effective environmental management.

Alliance Group's Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are certified to the internationally recognised environmental management standard, ISO 14001. Continued certification is subject to annual external audits.

In implementing its EMS, Alliance Group has robust procedures and programmes in place to reduce its impact on the environment and improve its sustainability. Programmes target areas including:

  • Energy use - targeting process efficiencies, projects and new technologies with progress measured against key performance indicators including carbon emissions
  • Water use - identifying process efficiencies by audit and investigation
  • Waste water management - extensively monitored and targeting maximum product capture and utilisation and effective treatment before discharge to the receiving environment
  • Waste minimisation - by reducing the creation of waste material and maximising reuse and recycling.

Alliance advocates the use of good environmental practices through the Farm Assurance Programme, which sets minimum environmental standards and provides environmental recommendations for our suppliers' farming operations.

Through its measuring and monitoring programmes, Alliance Group is able to demonstrate continual improvement in its environmental performance including a greater than 25% reduction in processing energy use per unit of production since 2000. We continue to look for new ways of doing business which will lower our impact on the environment. 



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