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The UK frozen market is strengthening particularly for legs. Forward supply shortages are likely but this is still dependent on quality and volume of availability of UK domestic supply.  In Europe, middle cuts are strong and legs and shoulders steady but price increases are anticipated as shortages become evident. 

Prices and demand remain firm across all categories in North America while in China prices are also steady despite this being the reasonably low consumption period. Product is being stored for processing during their winter period.

Frozen is steady in the Middle East and chilled prices are improving due to a lack of Australian supply.

Steady increases in the meat pricing on the back of lower NZ supplies is creating some caution in key markets on whether these will start to deter consumption levels.


All sheep markets remain stable as the mutton kill winds down. We have most market contracts confirmed -  predominantly for China, Malaysia and North America.


Considerably lower volumes from NZ are keeping demand and prices firm. There have been some reductions recently in co-products that will not materially impact overall venison returns.


US, NZ and Australian cow kills continue to languish well behind forecasted numbers and prices. The US imported lean beef market remains firm. The recent ban of Brazilian beef into the key China market China was short-lived with normal product flow to market continuing. Cull cow kill is about to commence, anticipated lower processing numbers should assist in holding manufacturing price levels.


There has been no change to pelt prices although there has been a slight uplift in demand for lower grade material. Wool demand is steady with prices up slightly. Product demand for hides is also steady but predicted volumes of dairy cows are yet to materialise. There is a steady movement of casings into market with major retailers struggling to lift prices.

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