In-Market Partners

Our partners and exclusive importers have played a pivotal role in what Alliance Group have accomplished and continue to deliver.

Conversely, our success empowers the success of our in-market partners – so we continue to seek and maintain strong market connections all around the world. 

Our partners:

Prime Meats (Germany)
Tesco (UK)
The Lamb Company (North America)
Primex (France)
Van Arde Food Group (Belgium)
Frigo (Belgium) 
Quality NZ 

Here’s what some of our in-market partners have to say about doing business alongside us:

Grand Farm
"Alliance Group has helped Grand Farm to upgrade and lift the standard of our operations, awareness on food safety, traceability and importance of brand building. We have reached a good understanding to embark on “Grand Alliance” – a plan to propel both companies into the next 16 years with even greater success. We have all the goodwill, friendship and strong mutual understanding to work very closely and scale new heights for the future. 2016 is destined to be an extraordinary and challenging year. We are strong business partners after all these years. We shall tackle all challenges together and scale new heights. The future is ours to build."

- Xibin Chen, President, Grand Farm Chin 

Alliance’s partnership with Grand Farm China began more than 16 years ago. Right from the beginning, the two companies collaborated closely together in order to maintain a market leadership position in a rapidly changing market environment.  This has involved Alliance supplying expertise, guidance and technical advice as Grand Farms have grown their internal processing abilities. In return, Alliance has been able to develop co-operative branding programmes with Grand Farms, and gain access to higher value markets as they evolve in China.

Grand Farm owns 96 meat shops, operates 260 branded meat counters in selected hypermarkets and supplies over 1000 hypermarkets in China 

“One of our core values is ‘Sourcing with Integrity’, and we have a long established relationship with Alliance Group and their farmer suppliers in the Sainsbury’s Development Group. We consider Alliance to be one of our trusted and long term strategic partners. Our relationship goes beyond delivering high quality and consistent products to our stores and includes true partnership working throughout the whole chain.”

- Phil Hambling, Agriculture Manager, Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s are a UK supermarket chain, a long-term partner of Alliance Group, and one of our key customers for chilled lamb. With a history spanning 150 years and over 1,200 supermarkets and convenience stores, Sainsbury’s put the customer at the heart of their business – while we put our farmers at the heart of ours. A perfect pairing, and we look forward to many more years in the market together. 

Alexander Eyckeler GmbH


 “Our greatest pride is being the exclusive distributor for Ashley brand products. We are bringing only the finest quality New Zealand lamb and venison to gourmet kitchens all across Europe. And in the future, we will continue to work with you closely to develop tailor-made marketing campaigns for our European consumers. Today in Europe there is a growing awareness for both healthy eating and animal welfare. We're using this trend to bring to the attention of an ever-increasing number of customers the quality of your work, and the perfect living conditions for farm animals in New Zealand.

At Alexander Eyckeler GmbH, we are looking forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation with Alliance Group, because ‘Your Profession is our Passion’.”

- Alex Eyckeler, Direktor, Alexander Eyckeler Gmbh Germany

The Eyckeler family has been a trusted business partner of Alliance Group for more than 35 years. Based in Germany, Alexander Eyckeler GmbH is an integral part of Alliance’s marketing strategy in Europe. They are a highly passionate and successful European importer of the world's finest quality meat products, and a fervent supporter of Alliance’s Ashley brand of lamb, mutton and venison products.


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