It is a core value of our cooperative that our people return home safe every day.  Our safety culture has evolved with leaders committed to keeping their people safe as our number one priority.  We are talking to all employees about the importance of their safety behaviour and the consequence of an injury on themselves and their families.  This has allowed all employees to understand why their safety is important to us and creates the opportunity to consider how they can work and act safely in their job and at home.

We have recently introduced new technology, procedures and systems which is eliminating or greatly reducing the risk of serious injuries to employees.  Programs have been implemented to significantly improve the safe management of hazardous substances.   Other programs are now in place to prevent musculoskeletal and laceration injuries to process workers.  At the heart of our safety program are daily safety conversations with employees.  This includes safety discussions at group toolbox meetings, starting meetings with a safety talk, board of director members and senior management visiting plants to talk to workers about safety in their job. 

The results of our increased focus on safety are encouraging with a 47% improvement in the total recordable injury frequency rate over the past 12 months.  We are determined to achieve a safety culture where all injuries are preventable and workers are looking out for each other and going home safely to their families.

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