Supply Chain

Alliance Group’s integrated livestock supply enables genuine traceability throughout the supply chain – a real asset to our business that’s difficult for many exporters to replicate.

Traceability commences on the farm, with all stock movements (farm to farm, and farm to plant) accompanied by an Animal Status Declaration.

  • Alliance Group secures 85% stock from our own shareholders
  • We introduced programmes in 1996-7 to control stock transfers between suppliers
  • These systems were enhanced in 1997-8 into a share farming arrangement with the breeder, linked to the finisher. The breeder supplies the finisher with an Animal Health Status report, so full traceability is maintained
  • Store stock breeders are Alliance Group Farm Assured to allow traceability from birth to finishing

Traceability continues at plant level

  • Carcasses can be traced to farms through our ticketing system
  • Cuts can be identified as belonging to a small group of farms
  • Our MAPS inventory system links product information from processing to shipping
  • Ongoing investment in technology enables the identification of individual cuts from farm to market

Regular recall exercises prove that we can trace product from market to plant and farm within a two-hour window.

We plan, prepare and maintain stringent processes to protect our business, our animals, and – most importantly – our customers.

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