Our Heritage

In 1948, a farmer-owned company was formed to process and market high quality meat and co-products to international markets.

Through ongoing acquisitions and a dedicated focus on industry innovation, this business grew to become Alliance Group.

Here are some of the key steps we’ve made on our journey from a small Kiwi business to international success story:

  • 1948 – Alliance Group formed Aiming to provide an alternative processing facility for Southland farmers, Alliance Freezing Company (Southland) Limited was born
  • 1960 – First Alliance Group plant opens Located in Lorneville, near Invercargill, our first plant opened its doors to the heart of Southland's farming community
  • 1980 – Alliance Group becomes a co-operative A pivotal point in our history. Alliance Group’s ownership structure changed and the business became farmer-owned and run
  • 1987 – Four plants (and more on the way) With the acquisition of CS Stevens Ltd, a local meat processing company, we saw our first big period of sustained company growth
  • 1990 – Official name change After acquiring Waitaki International Ltd and opening our tenth plant, Alliance Freezing Company officially became known as Alliance Group.
  • 1991 – Tough times Livestock numbers decreased following the withdrawal of government farm support in the mid 1980s, and we responded by rationalising plant operations
  • 1995-1999 – New ventures Following a successful capital-raising plan Alliance Group underwent restructuring, and we began exploring new opportunities including venison processing
  • 2001 – Big numbers By 2001 we were processing in excess of 7 million lambs, 1 million sheep, 140,000 cattle and 80,000 deer annually in our 7 strategically placed South Island plants
  • 2003 – Heading north Alliance Group expands into the North Island through the acquisition and redevelopment of a plant in Dannevirke
  • 2008 – Taking over Alliance Group purchases the assets of Levin Meats, doubling sheep and lamb capacity in the North Island as well as providing cattle processing facilities. The acquisition takes Alliance Group's total number of plants back up to nine
  • 2012 – Working smarter With reduced livestock numbers from conversion of sheep and beef properties to dairy, Alliance Group consolidates a number of processing operations:
    - Closing the Sockburn plant
    - Transferring venison processing to the Smithfield site in Timaru
    - Upgrading the Mataura beef plant
    - Transferring sheep and lamb processing to Lorneville
  • 2013 – Pure South brand born Alliance Group launches the revitalised product brand Pure South, which brings together a number of brands to create one flagship international brand
  • 2014 - Investment in Mataura Plant commenced, upgrading and reconfiguring the plant and specialising in processing Beef
  • 2015 - Refreshed company strategy with focus on continuous innovation and cost reduction to provide better returns for our Farmer Shareholders and a major Health and Safety initiative to make our people safe
  • 2016 - New Primal Cutter installed at our Smithfield and Pukeuri plants 

We’re always on the lookout for opportunities, while creating our own – so keep watching this space.