Join Alliance


Shares in Alliance Group can be issued to farmers who are supplying or intend to supply livestock for processing.

Through shareholding in the co-operative, our farmers have an interest in, and influence over, the red meat supply chain.

Our co-operative principles ensure our farmer shareholders are at the heart of every decision we make.

We aim to ensure our farmer shareholders receive pricing and total returns that are greater than that available from any other processor over the long-term and you're rewarded for committed and consistent supply of livestock. 

The benefits of being a shareholder include:

  • An ownership interest in the company, with corresponding voting rights
  • Eligibility for a share in distributors when approved by the board - this may be in the form of rebates, refunds or bonuses (including pool payments)
  • First preference for processing space allocation
  • The option to supply stock under a Yield Quality Contract, with associated yield-based premiums
  • The ability to qualify as Platinum and Gold suppliers, with eligibility for incentives such as advance payments and contract offers
For more information on becoming an Alliance Group shareholder, please view our Product Disclosure Statement and/or contact the Share Registrar:

P: 03 214 2724