Our Brands

Pure South - Taste an Escape to Nature.

Pure South is Alliance's overarching brand and embodies some of the world's finest red meat - lamb, beef and venison, all grown in the pristine, natural environment of New Zealand.

Surrounded by ocean, blessed with fertile lands, sustainable natural resources and a temperate climate, New Zealand is a gift to the world in terms of its sustainability for raising premium livestock.

Pure South features a range of products that capture the seasonal and environmental nuances of the land. The mark is recognised internationally as a guarantee of quality and food safety, backed by science, yet created by nature.

At its core Pure South is powered by grass; sustainable, abundant, fed by rainwater or from our plentiful rivers and definitely as nature intended.

Our food is grown and nurtured by New Zealand farmers who love what they do, who have a deep affinity with the land and raise healthy, contented, free-range animals. 

Pure South is your opportunity to experience healthy, real food, created by nature, nurtured by New Zealand farmers.



While breeding sheep to be healthier and better adapted to high country environments, we discovered something never before seen in lamb.


The exquisite flavours of merino have, until now, been a well-kept secret held by the guardians of the land on which merino graze.


The HANDPICKED range is by its very definition among the finest beef and venison created and selected from New Zealand.


Alliance's Ashley brand is the predominant brand for imported sheep meat in Europe. The Ashley brand stands for a commitment to excellence and superior taste.