How to: Barbeque

How to achieve perfect barbecued meals with Pure South Meat cuts

This is a direct heat style of cooking. It is a great low fat cooking method.

• Remove the meat from the refrigerator 10 minutes prior to cooking
• Ensure the pieces of meat to be cooked are of good and equal thickness
• Blot the pieces of meat dry with a paper towel.
• Brush each side of meat with olive oil and generously season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper
• Grill on high heat 300 to 320 degrees to seal (caramelise) the meat and retain all the juices. Caramelising the meat will add to the crispness and taste of the meat.

Some useful tips to help you achieve the perfect Pure South grilled or barbequed cut.

• Select only tender quick cooking cuts of meat for Grilling / Barbequing
• To stop the pieces of meat curling during cooking nick the edges with a sharp knife.
• Starting the grilling on an open “char” plate will add a smoky flavour to the meat.
• Turn the meat just once during cooking using a pair of tongs to ensure you do not puncture the meat and loose juices while turning.
• Cook the meat one degree less then required as the meat will continue cooking while resting.

Cooking time guide for steaks

Rare: 2-3 minutes each side
Medium: 4-6 minutes each side
Well Done 6-9 minutes each side

Pure South recommended cuts for Grilling / Barbequeing

Pure South Lamb

• Back strap (boneless loin)
• Short loin
• Lamb cutlets
• Lamb rack
• Frenched rack
• Topside
• Fillet
• Leg steaks
• Silverside
• Knuckle
• Thick flank
• Whole boned leg
• Whole boned shoulder


Pure South Beef

• Eye fillet
• Strip loin (Porterhouse and sirloin)
• Cube roll
• Rump
• Butt tender
• Sirloin butt


Pure South Venison

• Strip loin
• Tender loin
• Short loin
• Medallions from the topside, silverside, knuckle and rump
• Rack
• Noisettes from the topside, silverside, knuckle and rump

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