How to: Sautee

How to achieve perfect sauteed meals with Pure South Meat cuts

This method uses a little oil in the pan to transfer the heat through conduction. It is ideal for small or diced pieces from prime tender cuts.

• Start the cooking process on a high heat then reduce the heat once the meat is well sealed to avoid burning.
• Seal (caramelise) the meat well before adding any other ingredients to add crispness and taste of the meat.
• If using a marinade allow the marinated meat to develop by leaving in the refrigerator overnight.
• Cook on high heat with the oil just beginning to smoke when you add the meat.
• Turn the meat as soon as it is sealed to avoid overcooking using a wooden spoon or tongs to ensure you do not puncture the meat and loose juices while turning.
• Have all other ingredients ready to add before starting cooking.


Some useful tips to help you achieve the perfect Pure South Pan Frying / Sautéed dishes.

• Remove the meat from the refrigerator 20 minutes prior to cooking.
• Only use a level heavy based flat bottomed pan. Non stick pans will reduce the amount of oil required.
• Select only tender quick cooking cuts of meat for Pan Frying / Sautéing. Ensure the pieces of meat to be cooked are of equal size
• Blot the pieces of meat dry with a paper towel.
• Cook the meat one degree less then required as the meat will continue cooking while you complete the dish.

Cooking time guide

Rare: 2-3 minutes total cooking time
Medium: 4-5 minutes total cooking time
Well done 6-7 minutes total cooking time

Pure South recommended cuts for Pan Frying / Sautéing

Pure South Lamb

• Back strap (boneless loin)
• Short loin
• Lamb cutlets
• Lamb rack
• Frenched rack
• Topside
• Fillet
• Leg steaks
• Silverside
• Knuckle
• Thick flank (knuckle)
• Whole boned leg
• Whole boned shoulder

Pure South Beef

• Eye fillet
• Strip loin (Porterhouse and sirloin)
• Cube roll
• Rump
• Butt tender
• Sirloin butt

Pure South Venison

• Strip loin
• Tender loin
• Short loin
• Medallions or diced from the topside, silverside, knuckle and rump
• Rack

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