Quick Roast

How to achieve perfect pan fried meals with Pure South Meat cuts

Quick Roast (sometimes referred to as Pan Roasting) Method

• Remove the meat from the refrigerator 15 minutes prior to cooking
• Brush the Pure South cut with oil (do not oil the pan). This will assist the caramelising of the meat when searing and also prevent the surface of the meat from drying out too much during the cooking process.
• Have the oven preheated to the correct temperature.
• Ensure your heavy based (cast iron is best) pan is well heated so the meat sizzles as soon as it touches the pan.
• Seal the meat well on all sides. This is to ensure full caramelisation takes place and also assists in the retention of all the juices in the meat.


Some useful tips to help you achieve the perfect Pure South quick roast.
• Turn the meat once only when searing and cooking.
• Handle the meat with tongs. Never use a fork as piercing the meat will allow the juices to escape.
• Don’t cut into the meat to see how it has been cooked – simply press with a pair of tongs or with your finger. The pressure test will tell you how far the meat has been cooked – firm is well done, soft is rare. Cutting into the meat allows all the juices to escape.
• If your cuts of meat are to be served at various degrees of “doneness” always start with those to be well done first, followed by those to be medium then those to be rare.
• Always ensure the meat has been rested for a similar length of time it has been cooked. To rest place the cooked meat on a warm dish and cover with a clean cloth.

Cooking time guide

To seal small cuts : 2-3 minutes on each side
To cook rare : 1-2 further minutes on each side
To cook medium : 2-3 further minutes on each side
Well done : 4-6 further minutes on each side


Pure South recommended cuts for Quick Roasting

Pure South Lamb

• Rack
• Frenched rack
• Short loin
• Rump
• Chump
• Silverside
• Thick flank
• Topside

Pure South Beef – Pieces up to 1 kg

• Eye fillet
• Strip loin
• Cube roll
• Scotch fillet
• Sirloin
• Porterhouse
• Rib roast (OP rib)
• Rump
• Sirloin butt
• Butt tender

Pure South Venison – Pieces up to 1 kg

• Strip loin (back strap)
• Tender loin (eye fillet)
• Short loin
• Topside
• Silverside
• Knuckle
• Rump
• Rack

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