Co-operative principles


  • Our farmer shareholders are at the heart of every decision we make
  • Our shareholders will receive pricing and total returns that are greater than those available from any other processor over the long-term
  • Our processing capacity is allocated to shareholders first and then others where it adds to the profitability of the co-operative
  • Our shareholders are rewarded for their committed and consistent livestock supply
  • Our suppliers want to become shareholders and fully shared-up over time
  • Shareholders’ investment in the co-operative needs to match livestock supply and will change over time in line with supply

Alliance Group is New Zealand’s only major red meat co-operative, owned and supplied by skilled and passionate Kiwi farmers.

We’re committed to being a global leader in procuring, processing and marketing the world’s best quality red meat products.

By putting farmers at the heart of everything we do, we understand what’s important to our people throughout the entire supply chain.

It all starts in the clean, lush pastures of over 5,000 farms across New Zealand – where meticulous production values, proven techniques, innovation and dedication all contribute to our reputation for producing genuine quality lamb, venison, pork and beef


Our co-op structure is instrumental to our success in a number of ways:

  • We take responsibility for every link in our supply chain – from livestock to processing to marketing.
  • By working closely with our farmers, we consistently deliver the best-quality red meat products for the world’s most discerning consumers.
  • As a market leader, Alliance Group strives to get the best value out of our red meat and co-products, extract maximum value out of our existing markets and develop new ones so our products can achieve a premium Alliance Group aims to maximise returns to our committed farmer shareholders and support them to operate profitable and sustainable farms
  • Alliance Group is at the forefront of new and innovative technology, food safety and adopts the highest standards for health and safety, environmental practices and animal welfare
  • Our unique approach to grading, testing and processing help farmers understand the attributes global markets are looking for.
  • Alliance Group provides cost-effective, high-yielding meat processing when our suppliers need it
  • We’re committed to being both a global leader and a local hero in the red meat market.


Most importantly, we’re continually investing in the business to build a better co-operative that: 

  • Provides better returns for our farmer shareholders through livestock pricing and profit distributions.
  • Delivers improved financial performance, profitability and sustainability.
  • Empowers New Zealand farmers with ownership interests and influence over the whole supply chain.
  • Works in partnership with shareholders from the market to improve operational performance.
  • Aims to increase yields, grow livestock volume, and lower unit costs.


Every cent we make is either delivered back to our farmer shareholders or re-invested back into the business so we can deliver greater returns to our farmer shareholders.



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