As a co‑operative our purpose is to create prosperity and value for our farming families.
We are New Zealand’s only 100% farmer-owned red meat co-operative.

Our success starts and ends with our farmers and we want to support them to operate long-term profitable and sustainable farms, and build good futures for their business, family, community and generations to come. Our farmers are at the heart of every decision we make. We’re here to support them to raise their animals with care, attention and dedication so we can showcase the finest lamb, beef and venison on the global stage.

Distributions based on supply of livestock

Any return on your investment through distributions will be predominantly affected by the level of your supply of livestock to Alliance. These distributions could include pool payments or other similar payments.

Distributions based on shareholding

You may also receive returns on your investment through the payment of dividends. Dividends may be paid to you in addition to any distributions due to you based on supply. From time to time, Alliance may make bonus share issues from reserves. Bonus share issues may be made on the basis of either your supply of livestock to Alliance over one or more financial years or of the number of shares you hold. Distributions are normally determined by our Directors on or about the completion of each financial year of Alliance (30 September each year). Any distributions of profit, whether based on supply or by way of dividend, are normally paid by Alliance in December each year, in respect of the then preceding financial year ended 30 September.

Advance payments

Advance payments are paid to Platinum and Gold shareholders to assist with cashflow in the spring. This is available for farmers supplying lamb, deer, prime steer and heifer and bulls under 3 years for finishing (sire bulls ineligible). Advance payments are paid out at the start of the processing season.

Rewarding loyalty

Our loyalty programme is a major part of our strategy to recognise and reward our loyal shareholders for their consistent and committed supply.

Platinum – shareholders who supply 100% of all animals they produce.

Gold – shareholders who supply 100% of one or more species, but not all species produced.*

Silver – shareholders who regularly supply some of the species.

Shareholders with Platinum or Gold status are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Annual Loyalty Payment (please note bobby calves are
    excluded from loyalty payment)
  • Advance Payment
  • Priority acceptance of contract applications when offered to all suppliers
  • Loyalty on lamb only subject to all sheep also being supplied


As a market leader, we strive to get the best value out of our red meat and co-products, extract maximum value out of our existing markets and develop new markets so our products can achieve a premium.

Every cent we make is either delivered back to our farmers or re-invested back into the business so we can deliver greater returns long-term.

Our commitment to you is underlined by our co‑operative principles.

Livestock servicing

We tailor our services to support our farmers by selecting and drafting livestock and reporting back on grading the day of processing.

Alliance has a national team of livestock representatives who have extensive drafting experience and knowledge of the farming systems.

Our passionate team build good working relationships with farmers to help them make the best choices for their livestock to be more
profitable. They provide an excellent resource for advice on selection, prime and store stock, sales and market trends, while offering a customised service to meet each farmer’s needs.

Transparent pricing

Alliance Group’s pricing structure is based on five key areas:

– Yield pricing and CPK pricing
– Loyalty payments
– Volume tiers
– Minimum Price Contracts
– Profit distribution

Weekly schedule

Our schedules for all species are reviewed weekly and our team consider a range of factors in setting the price we pay farmers.
Most importantly, Alliance’s prices reflect what is happening in global markets. We look at the various combinations of all cuts, by products and country mix.

Livestock pricing is also influenced by plant loadings and capacity. For example, the South Island plants tend to be “peakier” than the North Island, which has more consistent livestock flows over the year. This impacts processing costs and prices.

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shareholder brochure.

For more information on becoming an Alliance Group shareholder, please download our Shareholder brochure and/or contact the Share Registrar:

P: 03 214 2724

You will be sent an email to download the shareholder brochure.

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