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Alliance Brands redefine taste and quality—welcome to a world where every bite is an elevation. Our core Pure South brand embodies over 75 years of farming mastery, delivering unparalleled lamb, beef, and venison.

Our Handpicked brand, is one of our premium Beef, Lamb and Venison brands. Handpicked by our farmers, and produced from the finest heritage breeds in the world. These breeds have near perfect muscling, meat colour, marbling, intramuscular fat, nutritional properties and flavour profiles. Artisan butchers then age and mature to create premium tenderness, succulence and flavour.

Silere Alpine Origin Merino is a premium lamb brand that comes from New Zealand’s open alpine spaces and golden tussock slopes. This produces a sophisticated, robustly flavoured meat that is dusky red, highly marbled with a fine grain and popular within restaurants for fuller flavoured dishes.

Lumina Lamb is a premium brand that is the culmination of a decade’s research and development.  Our lambs are free range and grass-fed.  They also spend a minimum of 35 days finished on specially-cultivated chicory and clover forage. The higher levels of polyunsaturated (good) fats and omega-3 fatty acids results in an entirely new lamb tasting experience.