Pure South Handpicked

Aged craft
meat as nature

A movement committed to origin, taste, true eating quality and the butchers craft

There’s a global groundswell happening in the world of food, a feeling of the importance of re-engaging with the environment around us and of whole food that reflects the best of what nature can offer. It’s a system of balance, farming to produce red meat which at the same time respects the environment. A movement committed to origin, taste, true eating quality and the butchers craft is emerging.

A new culture
of craft meat

Pure South Handpicked embodies this movement — a new culture of craft meat that represents our free-range grass-fed farming heritage and world leading environmentally conscious regenerative agriculture values.

Our world-class natural farming practices, rigorous selection criteria and craft butchery combine to create a consistently higher standard of meat taste, texture and succulence — it’s what we call Handpicked.

higher standard
of meat taste

Pure South Handpicked Beef
Farming as
nature intended

We farm as nature intended, allowing our animals to grow naturally free range in a low stress plentiful and nutrient rich grass-fed environment. By knowing where and how your meat is produced, you’re supporting an ethical and responsible approach to the animals and to our regenerative approach to the land.

Maximise the flavour
sensation with the
combined effects of
taste, aroma, appearance
and texture

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Pure South Handpicked Beef

Explore our range


Full of dynamic, grass-fed flavours. These undertones are robust and zesty, with a refined richness to them. Ageing makes a clear difference; the 21-day aged Pure South Handpicked Beef has subtle organic mineral notes and a smidgen of sweetness from the fat, while the 55-day aged cuts are tangy and zingy.

Pure South Handpicked by Alliance Group


The lamb flavours are earthy, sweet and savoury all at once, with traces of natural umami and the essence of roasted meat. Pure South Handpicked Lamb has an intensified earthiness, heightened savouriness and richness and hints of salt.

Pure South Handpicked venison

Ageing venison meat has a considerable impact on flavour and texture. Flavours include — a concentrated earthiness with a smidgen of organic mineral, connotations of aromatic woody herbs to natural saltiness, moving to pastoral, heady, vibrant mineral notes, robust with a tinge of sweetness and well-seasoned savoury broth flavour.