Product Range

Featuring lamb, beef, venison, mutton and a variety of co-products, Alliance Group’s product range delivers goods for a huge range of uses and tastes. 

Browse this section to learn more about each of the main categories of meat and co-products we process and deliver around the world:


As the largest producer of sheepmeat in New Zealand, Alliance Group lamb is enjoyed by millions of people in more than 65 countries.

We deliver around 15% of the world's export traded sheepmeats, produced chilled or frozen and encompassing all possible uses – from carcasses for wholesale trade through to meal-sized trays for direct retail sale.

We also provide weight ranged and pre-sliced product for restaurant and retail use, as well as base products for further processing by manufacturers.

Most importantly of all, our comprehensive range is all naturally produced and grass-fed without the use of steroids or hormones. The exceptional taste of our lamb, loved all over the world, can be directly traced back to the care our farmers take in their farming practices and processes. 


As one of New Zealand's key producers of prime pasture fed beef, Alliance Group delivers a wide range of chilled, frozen, aged beef cuts to meet exacting quality standards.

Our four processing plants are strategically located close to prime stock producing areas in the South Island of New Zealand – a simple supply chain that makes for quality delivered quickly.

We take a hands-on approach to assisting our farmers, with new research and technology used to continually upgrade and enhance what happens in both field and factory.

One of the major advantages of Alliance Group reared beef is our natural raising and feeding programmes – leading to grass-fed beef that’s full of flavour, lean, tender and nutritious.


Sourced from prime animals on selected free-range farms, Alliance Group venison delivers tender taste without the use of steroids or hormones.

It’s also an extremely healthy meat option – low in fat, cholesterol and calories, and high in protein and iron.

Marketed and sold under the Pure South and Ashley brands, our venison cuts encompass a full range of items produced chilled or frozen year-round and based on reliable and exact specifications.

Our selection process allows us to guarantee a consistently high yielding product that’s naturally raised, easy to prepare – and tastes remarkable.


As the largest producer of mutton in New Zealand, Alliance Group exports around 15% of the world's sheepmeats annually.

Primarily marketed under the Pure South and Ashley brands, our grass-fed mutton is farmed without the use of hormones or steroids – a key point of difference that stands out on the world stage.

We deliver a full range of chilled and frozen mutton products based on reliable and exact specifications – from wholesale carcasses to supermarket tray packs.

We offer pre-sliced goods, weight ranged sales, base product options and more on a year-round basis, and you’ll find our products in restaurants, supermarkets, delis, stores and homes all over the world.


In addition to our lamb, mutton, beef and venison products, Alliance Group delivers a diverse range of co-products. These include:

  • Fancy Meats (offals) A wide selection of both edible and inedible varieties.
  • Pharmaceuticals High-quality offerings for use in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  • Wool A range of white wool types (from the slipe process), mostly ranging from 25-38 microns.
  • Hides Salted or wet-blued, our hides are weight ranged and suitable for shoes, upholstery and garment manufacturing.
  • Pelts Pickled and wet-blued, our lamb and sheep pelts are suitable for suede, nubuck and aniline nappa finish. We also produce salted wool on skins, suitable for double face, linings and rugs.
  • Casings Used for smallgoods manufacturing, our casings are renowned worldwide for their extremely high quality.
  • Rendered Products Key uses include protein meals for petfood supplements, and tallow for soap manufacture.

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