Alliance Group processes and market the world’s best quality red meat products for customers in more than 65 countries.

Marketed and sold under four key brand names, all our products stand for excellence – excellence in quality, nutrition, consistency, sustainability and above all, taste. 

These include:

  • Individually packaged chilled and frozen lamb, mutton, venison, pork and beef cuts (for both retail and food service use)
  • Lamb and mutton in carcass form

Additionally, we are one of the world’s largest suppliers of wool, pelts, hides, casings, meal and tallow.

Our co-op structure and fully integrated supply chain enables us to maintain exceptional quality – from the farm right through to the customer.

Alliance Group is committed to the highest levels of environmental sustainability, ethical production and quality:

  • Our livestock is naturally grass-fed, free of growth-promoting hormones, low in fat and full of iron, zinc and other essential nutrients
  • All products are prepared under strict quality and hygiene management systems
  • New Zealand’s geographic isolation and strict quarantine laws ensure a safe farming environment
  • We are committed to the 'five freedoms' for animal welfare: freedom from malnutrition, discomfort, sickness, fear and unnatural conditions. All our farmers must meet New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Advisory Committee standards 

Our manufacturing processes, marketing infrastructure and product lines continue to evolve and improve. However, our core values have remained strong for over half a century.

Through a combination of the natural, wholesome New Zealand environment, the expertise and passion of our farmer shareholders, and company-wide commitment to innovation, we continue to exceed our customers’ requirements year after year.

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