Alliance Announces $1 Million Rendering Upgrade For Its Levin Processing Plant

12 Apr 2021

Alliance Group is investing in a $1 million upgrade of a rendering facility at its Levin plant.

The project will include installing a higher pressure stainless steel-rotor in the existing rendering dryer, used to dry renderable material at low pressures, and upgrading the dryer’s shell to higher-pressure stainless steel. This will increase its capacity and generate additional revenue.

Alliance Group chief executive David Surveyor said the co-operative has a strong focus on developing new ways to add value to speciality ingredients.

“Capturing greater market value from our products is a key part of Alliance Group’s strategy. We are exploring and developing ways to add value to these materials.

“Once regarded as having little value, these are now recognised as Speciality Ingredients and Materials (SIM), and our global sales team is strongly focused on exploring further ways they can be used, leading to greater carcase utilisation.

“Alliance is one of the world’s largest suppliers of wool, pelts, hides, casings, meal and tallow. We also supply speciality materials to a range of sectors, including the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.”

The investment also reflects the co-operative’s commitment to the plant, the local community and the region, says Mr Surveyor.

The upgrade to the Levin plant is due to be carried out in June.

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