Alliance Group Distributes Almost $6 Million In Quarterly Loyalty Payments

14 May 2021

Almost $6 million has been distributed to loyal shareholders in Alliance Group, New Zealand’s only 100 per cent farmer-owned red meat co-operative.

The quarterly payments, covering the period January-March 2021, have been made to Platinum and Gold shareholders who supply 100 per cent of their livestock to the company.

“As a co-operative, the interests of our farmers come first,” says David Surveyor, Alliance Group chief executive.

“We’re committed to ensuring the best possible returns for all our farmers and providing them with support to help their farm business thrive. Every cent we earn is either delivered back to our shareholders or reinvested back into our farmer-owned co-operative.

“Global shipping challenges and extreme dry conditions have meant this year has been a challenging one for many farmers. To return this money to our loyal shareholders at this time is very rewarding.”

Under the Alliance Shareholder Programme, Platinum and Gold status shareholders are paid an additional 10 cents per kilogram for each lamb, six cents/kg for a sheep, 8.5 cents/kg for cattle and 10 cents/kg for deer supplied.

“Our pricing is based on building genuine and dependable long-term value and our shareholder programmes are designed to reflect this and reward loyalty,” says Mr Surveyor.

“Platinum and Gold shareholders receive a host of other benefits including priority processing, particularly important during challenging times such as droughts, and prioritised access to minimum price contracts. They can also take advantage of our free store stock facilitation service.”

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