Pure South Handpicked Beef from Alliance Group

Alliance Group Takes Home Gold For Pure South Lamb And Pure South Handpicked Beef

31 May 2022

Alliance Group’s Pure South Lamb and Pure South Handpicked Beef 55 Day Aged have been awarded gold medals at New Zealand’s Outstanding Food Producers Awards.

The awards celebrate inspiring Kiwis who harvest, grow and produce New Zealand’s outstanding food and drink. Entries are judged on a range of criteria including aroma, visual appearance, flavour, consistency, quality, sustainability, brand story and packaging.

Pure South Handpicked Beef represents a new culture of craft meat from farm to table. It combines the art of individual selection with the science of ageing.

Master graders select from only the very finest grass-fed, sustainably raised beef using quality attributes including a high marbling factor of four or above, pH and colour. Only the smallest portion of beef makes the grade.

Pure South Handpicked Beef 55 Day Aged has won repeated gold medals at the coveted World Steak Challenge. Pure South Lamb is the co-operative’s most prolific lamb brand, which is exported to more than 65 countries across the globe.

Shane Kingston, General Manager Sales at Alliance Group, said the gold medals underline the co-operative’s reputation for food excellence and innovation.

“There is exceptional demand for Handpicked Beef, which is wet aged for 55 days – a significantly longer period than other wet aged products on the market. Our team has found that this period profoundly increases the meat’s flavour complexity, tenderness and texture.

” Alliance Group’s reputation for producing the world’s finest lamb is well-known, says Mr Kingston. “The passion, pride and dedication of our farmers and our meticulous commitment to quality are hallmarks of Pure South Lamb. Whilst external recognition is always appreciated, this gold medal will be no surprise to our many customers around the world who seek out Pure South Lamb for its delicately flavoured eating experience, fresh aroma and leanness.”

The judges commented that Pure South Lamb was “an incredibly luxurious fine textured lamb. The little layer of fat around the rack was perfectly proportioned and made the cut. The flavour of fat was tasty and fantastic — have not tasted better”


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Pure South Lamb – https://puresouthshop.com/collections/lamb-shop-all

Pure South Handpicked Beef 55 Day Aged –  https://puresouthshop.com/collections/pure-south-handpicked-55-day-aged-beef

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