Attendee Testimonials

20 Apr 2023

Attendee Testimonials


It was a privilege to have access to the senior management team, who gave a “no holds barred” insight into Alliance. The Know Your Co-operative seminar has reassured me that the co-op is in good hands and on the right track. Giving plenty of opportunities to ask questions, understand what being part of the co-op means to a cross section of farmers from throughout NZ and the seminar was a valuable couple of days off farm.
Willie Menlove


I found the seminar “Know Your Co-operative” very insightful and inspiring. The diversity of the group enabled us to have very interesting discussions about the challenges that Alliance had faced in the past and the company’s future directions. During the seminar we also got to observe first-hand the wonderful relationship between members of the board of directors and the executive team which gives a lot of confidence in the company. Getting to know and learning from all the participants during the seminar also challenged me to think about my own personal and professional development. I would absolutely encourage everyone to attend this seminar in the future.
Anna Earl


I recently attended the Know Your Co-Operative Seminar in Christchurch and would like to thank Murray and Dawn for facilitating a really motivating few days. Without detracting from the past, it was very reassuring for me to see first-hand the capabilities and skill set of David and the management team that have been bought on over the past few years to bring our co-op up to a world class standard. Our group was very engaged, and I would recommend applying for this seminar in the future as I have come away with a much deeper understanding of our co-op and am very optimistic both in the industry and how Alliance is positioning itself within it.
Chris Stewart


Attending ‘Know your Co-operative’ enabled me to gain a better understanding of the value equation that is currently being put in place by a very capable passionate management team that is starting to show some very exciting returns. Enabling Alliance to evolve its business model. To allow Alliance to achieve this evolution it is important shareholders remain open minded and engaged on the direction of the company strategy. As a shareholder it is exciting to hear about the opportunities the company is embarking on.
Hamish Craw


I really appreciated the opportunity and was very impressed with everyone at Alliance. #ProudtobeanAllianceFarmer

I feel very privileged to have attended the inaugural Know Your Co-operative seminar. This gave me excellent insights into governance and management along with how Alliance is progressing; the co-op is in excellent hands. David has implemented changes and recruited a very talented executive leadership team who are all so passionate about the co-op and the work ahead of them. The future looks bright for our sector and while product prices are high I’d encourage farmers to invest in the co-op. Take a long-term view, success for our industry doesn’t mean Alliance paying out every last cent in livestock procurement. The co-op has some wonderful opportunities to make us (shareholders) more money but in order to do these they do need to spend some money too.
Bryan Rendle

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