Co Products

  • Fancy Meats (offals) A wide selection of both edible and inedible varieties.
  • Pharmaceuticals High-quality offerings for use in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  • Wool A range of white wool types (from the slipe process), mostly ranging from 25-38 microns.
  • Hides Salted or wet-blued, our hides are weight ranged and suitable for shoes, upholstery and garment manufacturing.
  • Pelts Pickled and wet-blued, our lamb and sheep pelts are suitable for suede, nubuck and aniline nappa finish. We also produce salted wool on skins, suitable for double face, linings and rugs.
  • Casings Used for smallgoods manufacturing, our casings are renowned worldwide for their extremely high quality.
  • Rendered Products Key uses include protein meals for petfood supplements, and tallow for soap manufacture.