Animal Welfare

Quality farming, quality processes and quality of life for our livestock are key factors in delivering quality final products. 

Commitment to animal welfare simply makes sense to us here at Alliance Group – and we hold our animals in high regard. To ensure we do right by our livestock, we uphold the ‘Five Freedoms’ that form the basis of internationally recognised animal welfare practice:

  • freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  • freedom from thermal and physical discomfort
  • freedom from disease and injury
  • freedom from fear and distress
  • freedom to display most normal patterns of behaviour

 These are the key drivers of New Zealand’s internationally recognised Animal Welfare Act and Codes of Welfare (click here to view)

Alliance Group livestock suppliers participating in the Alliance Group Farm Assurance Programme commit to maintaining these requirements for animal health, stock nutrition, animal foods, shelter, yarding, stockmanship and transport.

Implemented in 1997, our Farm Assurance Programme is JAS-ANZ/ISO65 accredited, and serves as an integral part of farm management practices for the majority of our suppliers.