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11 May 2019

A delegation of leading international chefs is touring iconic New Zealand farms and premium restaurants to get a first-hand look at the country’s lamb, beef and venison.

Chefs from the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand are visiting farms in Otago and Southland as part of the Pure South Discovery Series, which is organised by leading food and solutions co-operative Alliance Group.
Expatriate New Zealander Paul Greening, who is revolutionising the Asian food scene in London, Hong Kong’s Anthony Burd and up-and-coming Londoner John Skotidas, are among the international chefs attending the tour.

The chefs will meet some of the farmers behind Alliance Group’s products including Pure South Lamb, HANDPICKED 55 Day Aged Beef, SILERE alpine origin merino, Te Mana Lamb and Pure South venison.

The farms on the tour include Minaret Station and Mt Burke Station near Wanaka, Mt Nicholas Station, Queenstown, and Fairlight Station in northern Southland. Shane Kingston, General Manager Sales at Alliance Group, said the tour will offer a unique insight into New Zealand’s premium products and help connect chefs and farmer producers.

“Our aim is to build the international awareness of the unique cuisine of New Zealand and demonstrate our lamb, beef and venison is very much a product of the unique land it is raised on.

This tour is a great way to tell this story and highlight our free-range grass-fed natural farming systems.

“The tour will also create some real advocates for our premium Alliance Farmers’ produce who after visiting our farms and meeting our farmers will be able to champion the story of our land, people and environment.

Alliance Group is investing in the global food service sector to capture greater market value for the benefit of farmer shareholders, he said.

“The Pure South Discovery Series is a vital immersive and experiential event to ensure we have a real point of difference in the marketplace.”


Alliance is a co-operative owned by approximately 4,000 farmer shareholders and exports lamb, beef, venison and co-products to customers in more than 65 countries.

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