Alliance Group launches new handpicked beef offer to farmers

18 Sep 2019

Leading foods and solutions co-operative Alliance Group has launched a new beef offer to farmers based on eating quality as it seeks to capture greater value for its products in its global markets.

The Pure South Handpicked Beef programme uses an internationally-credible assessment system to measure eating quality with the qualifying beef exported to markets willing to pay a premium.

Alliance Group is offering farmers a supply contract premium above the ruling schedule at the time of processing for qualifying stock that meet the requirements for the range. The beef is selected by specially trained accredited
graders from prime cattle of any breed.

David Surveyor, chief executive of Alliance Group, said the co-operative is committed to connecting farmers to global markets, and in doing so, deliver stronger returns back to farmers.
“We are building a differentiated premium portfolio, providing our farmers with a supply programme that optimises the quality of livestock and reflects the needs of our customers and markets and rewards farmers for it.

“This programme provides our farmers with higher prices for producing the finest beef and provides our customers with the confidence they will enjoy a quality eating experience each and every time.”
To qualify for the programme, carcases must achieve a certain marbling score, meet fat and meat colour requirements and pH must be less than or equal to 5.7. All stock must also be Farm Assured, meet the special raising claims programme and be NAIT tagged.

The programme expands the co-operative’s Handpicked beef range, building on the success of Alliance’s 55 Day Aged Beef product, which for two years running has won gold medals at the coveted World Steak Challenge. Supply of this grade will receive a further premium. “Our supply programmes give our farmer shareholders paths to market that tap into increasingly discerning consumers around the world who are willing to pay a price premium for our products and the attributes guaranteed by a New Zealand brand they can trust,” said Mr Surveyor.

“Beef is a growing and important part of our portfolio and this is an exciting opportunity for our co-operative and our farmers.

“It strongly reflects our business transformation strategy, strengthens our presence in beef and will enable us to capture greater market value for our products and pass those gains directly back to farmers supplying the programme.”


Alliance Group is a co-operative owned by approximately 4,000 farmer shareholders.
For further information, please contact:
Sam Halstead
Mobile: 027 474 6065

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