Alliance’s quality lamb, beef, venison and mutton produce are exported to various parts of Asia, namely, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan,Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. Commanding a reputation for the high-quality and delicate flavour of its lamb range, Alliance’s core brand – Pure South, can be found in retail and food service sectors. Meanwhile, our super premium brands like Lumina Lamb are no stranger to up-market food & hospitality establishments, including Michelin-starred restaurants.

Alliance Asia

In order to be closer to our customers and adapt to fast-moving market and consumer trends, our Asia office is based in Singapore, a hub and gateway to Asia. We collaborate closely and strategically with our in-market distributors to elevate brand awareness, drive consumer preference and sales conversion, innovate new products and resolve supply chain issues. The strengths of our in-market distributors in navigating local markets have been invaluable in maximising the value of our differentiated product offering and bringing them to like-minded end-customers.

Our differentiated product offering spans across brand segments. In the mass-premium segment, Pure South Lamb, Beef & Venison forms the core. Handpicked Beef & Lamb and SILERE Lamb (Merino breed) make up our premium segment. Lumina Lamb, a culmination of 15 years of research & development, is our super-premium brand that remains relatively scarce and highly sought after by the fine-dining sector. Underlying our entire product offering, is the promise of high quality red meat. This is powered by the pristine sun-soaked rain-fed pastures of New Zealand, where our livestock freely roam and graze. Our farmers who own the co-operative 100%, are also committed to sustainable farming practices and the highest animal welfare standards, to ensure their farms can be passed on to the next generation, while upholding the principles of nature to ensure no added hormones.

We are committed to grow our strategic partnerships in-market with customer-centricity and enablement of our farmers as core values. We also keep an open mind and a keen eye out for new opportunities in new markets, new sectors or new products.