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Alliance is New Zealand’s only 100% farmer owned red meat cooperative. We are a leading food solutions company owned by skilled and passionate Kiwi farmers who produce the finest quality free-range, grass-fed lamb, beef and venison on their family farms. Our farmers love what they do and have a deep affinity with the land, maintaining the highest levels of ethical production and adhering to strict environmental sustainability standards, always. They are proud, and so are we, of producing food for people across the globe where our products are recognised for both guaranteed high quality and stringent food safety standards.

Our Story

In 1948, a cooperative of farmers formed Alliance, producing grass fed free range lamb, beef and venison in New Zealand. Now, we supply over 65 countries worldwide with our high quality meat and enhanced product solutions, across the retail, wholesale and foodservice sectors.

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Our Portfolio
of Products

We produce the highest quality, grass fed and free range lamb, beef and venison. We have invested in a number of premium brand programmes and enhanced food solutions to meet the needs of our customers, offering them a point of difference they can shout about.

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Farm to Fork

We believe good business is built on care and respect, and that extends throughout our entire supply chain. As New Zealand’s only 100% farmer owned red meat cooperative, we have full traceability back to our farms and invest both on farm and at production site to ensure we operate to the highest standards of animal welfare and food safety.

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Why New Zealand

Red Meat?

Our beef, lamb and venison are grass-fed and finished, ensuring the healthiest, most flavourful and natural meat you can find. The taste of our grass-fed red meat is unrivalled; it’s leaner, more finely textured and more naturally flavourful.

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As an international meat business, we know we have a responsibility to be producing sustainable, ethical products. For our farmers, for our customers and most importantly for the planet. That’s why we are continuously investing and innovating on our sustainability journey, all the way through our supply chain, to produce products that we can wholeheartedly say we are proud of.

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